For Sale Castle In 6 October Egypt
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    Tallal Ziad
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    Land area 663 square meters, villa specifications Ali, on the corner of October 6, is close to the elephants of former President Adly Mansour. And his elephant Sheikh Ali Juma. In front of it and next to it two gardens mean the greatest percentage of distinction. Three floors, each floor is an apartment with a medium outer staircase, separated by about 280 to 290 meters, a basement of 400 meters, and a garden on two levels. It has a swimming pool, gym, cinema and jacuzzi in the basement. The ground floor consists of a large reception, a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom with a salon, and a master bedroom. Of course, the kitchen sizes are large, about 40 square meters. It has an elevator for eating that brings the tray of food and drinks from the kitchen to all floors, and there is a second kitchen in the basement, a third kitchen on the second floor, and ketchup on the second floor. The stairs are external and have a lift from the basement for the roofs It has a garage that can accommodate about a quarter or five cars. Land area 663 m

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    Tallal Ziad

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